What would you wish for?

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you found a magic wish granting genie in a lamp? What would you ask for? Would you give it to someone who needed it more? What would you wish for? Let’s say there were no rules, no consequences, no loopholes, what would you ask for?

I decided to ask myself this question, what would I do if I found a wish granting genie? What would I ask for? I decided to really think about the pros and cons about it all and I realized I was overthinking it. In my current state, I could sure use one. Let’s put all those “hard work pays off” quotes out of our mind, let’s say you’ve done it all and you’re still stuck. You have three wishes, of course, you can’t wish for more wishes. You just get three. They can be unrealistic or realistic, give it a shot. Here is what I decided to wish for;

  1. To have a job that I’ll love doing–I wish for this everyday, I don’t want to take a job where I get paid so much but I hate what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. I know we all plan that we won’t sell out ever but sometimes we do because we need to pay bills, pay off loans, put food on the table, gas in our cars, etc. I won’t lie though, I can’t wait to get the job where I know I’ll be happy to be there every day and that it will accomplish all of the above. I would actually wish for this and I would not regret it ever. All I know is I was built and made to be happy and to help. If I can find a job where this is possible, then this wish has been granted.
  2. I wish that my parents finally take a break— My parents have given it all to me and more. They have given me beyond what I ever expected. Sometimes they say that they wish they could give us more and apologize for the life that we’ve had. I don’t blame them for the rough times, rather I feel like I’ve learned a lot more about life and each day has made us stronger. Yes, my mom has been sick for a really long time but I feel like all the stress has made her this way. My dad always working, always providing. I wish they could take a break, that we could take care of them. I know they’ve had it hard, they had some tough choices to make when we were kids, they had to choose between hot water or food on the table. Some days we had to eat the same thing over and over because it’s all we could afford. We learned to live on a budget and even then they were able to provide us with new things. Sometimes they couldn’t and we understood that (well, sometimes we didn’t). So I would wish that they finally had a break.
  3. To see the world— it wouldn’t be all at once, but I would love to see every bit of it. I think it would be a miracle to ever to achieve something like seeing the world.

I know these may not seem as exciting or really out there but this is what I wish for on a daily basis, if I could get there soon, it would be great. I know that all good things come to those who wait (after working their butts off), but sometimes it would be easier if you could just wish for it and it would happen.

If you could wish for anything, what would you wish for?


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