Lost for a Moment

I was feeling empty and cold,
My heart frozen in time.
Nothing able to re-ignite that love,
Nothing to remind me of what could be.
It wasn’t till I heard your voice,
That gentle, calming voice.
That spark it ignited, the warmth it brought,
I could feel my soul heating up.
That passion that was once lost,
Brought back by an old friend,
Who had been locked away in the back of my mind,
The excitement of hearing that comforting voice,
Reminding me of who I once was,
Telling me, guiding me.
I could feel the warmth rise through my veins,
Radiating heat, it was a good kind of burning,
I remembered what I once wanted.
How one downfall had left me frozen,
Here I was again, enjoying the heat,
Bathing myself in glory.
I had been waiting for the sun,
But all along, it was within me,
Waiting for the day, I was no longer afraid.
The only fever, I have ever loved,
The only burning and warmth, I have cared for.
I will try not to forget,
That I love what I do.

So this was written in 2014 and I submitted it to be published in my school magazine, unfortunately it was not picked but I decided to post it on the blog to share with you. I was sad for awhile because I thought it was just terrible but my sister said it wasn’t picked because it was terrible but because there were other submissions that were more of what they were looking for. Anyway, here it is. ❤


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