This is why I’m single

For some reason, creepy guys are attracted to me. So I decided to write a post about it. This is will be more of an rant piece for anyone interested. I’m honestly so tired of guys thinking its okay to do certain things and think women are going to swoon. Yes, some might be down for whatever, others aren’t. Unless you’re someone I trust or know quite well, you won’t know much about my personal life because I like to keep it personal (between me and me). Anyway, for some reason people think it’s okay to go around asking questions about your sexual life as an ice breaker, like what the actual *bleep*. I just want to know what happened to legit questions like tell me about yourself, your goals, your dreams, what you do for fun, your favourite food, your favourite movie, etc. I’m so tired of “accidentally” being sent pictures of your weenus and being asked questions about my sexual experiences. For some reason, people in our generation think it’s okay to go around doing this to strangers…(I’m not saying this about people in relationships because that’s their intimate life with their partner) but if we’re nothing and I get these…I really don’t want to get to know you anymore.

This is not a way to my heart…

Another thing, I’ve noticed that people do this (no matter the gender), we always apologize for feeling or not feeling a certain way. If you don’t like someone, don’t apologize. If you like someone, don’t apologize. I never want to feel bad for not wanting to date you, for feeling the way you do. And perhaps that’s just me because I’ve been guilt-tripped into things before because I didn’t want to hurt people and ended up getting hurt anyway. There must be something in the water and I don’t like it. I used to let guys ask me these questions and I let them think it was okay but really its not.

Just don’t be gross. No, I’m not a prude. I just prefer my men to not act like this. You’ll end up losing a friend and if she did like you, well you lost her. Respect boundaries, give respect to earn respect and definitely try not to lose it by doing this stuff. Seriously though, I just don’t know what happened along the way but we lost something. I have standards, I have respect for myself, I’ve let my guard down once and obviously, I won’t let it happen again. And for those thinking, I just wrote about my experience but didn’t say it to the person, I did. I let him know that its not okay, even if he does like me. I don’t care if he does, this was no way to treat me and send me things I didn’t want. I did not consent.

So that’s another thing, a girl will let you know, if she doesn’t, don’t send. This consent stuff applies to this too. I will tell you its not okay. Honestly, I’m so appalled at the moment and thats why this post is so all over the place but it happened this morning and I felt violated as a person.

This is why I’m single because in the past, I lowered my standard and got handed a shitty deal. This time, it’s because guys do this and its so unattractive.


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