What started it all

Everyone remembers their first. And no, that’s not what I mean. I’m talking about their first laptop or their first time using social media. I surely remember. I was 16 when I got my first laptop. It was a present because I was doing well in school and I was going to need a laptop for when I started college. So my mom ordered one from Dell and it was my own. No more PC’s for me after that. Here’s a photo of what mine actually looked like, I think it’s still downstairs in our basement, we just use it to practice things on it.

Dell MCE laptop-2005.04.14-07.49.49

I bet you remember your first. Opening the packaging, so clean, so shiny. Or your first social media account, sitting there thinking about what your first post would be. You sat there thinking you wanted to start off with a bang, something that would attract many likes, followers, something that would make people think. I honestly don’t remember what my firsts were. I currently don’t have Twitter and I just recently made a new Facebook account, so starting over wasn’t much of a first. I pretty much just post about school. Or your first phone, guys mine was that small little white Nokia phone. I literally could hide that anywhere. I loved that phone.

Anyway, life is so full of firsts and it really never ends. You’ll always have a new first. I didn’t know that having my own laptop would really change my life. I mean, now I am here blogging about it to all of you. So I know this is my shortest #TBT but I figured since I’m a little behind on school work, I would share with you what my first laptop looked like. Do you remember yours? What did your first laptop look like? Or phone? I’m trying to just make you think of all your firsts. No, not that first:P

Until next, #tbt!!


4 thoughts on “What started it all”

  1. My first cell phone was a Motorola that I got before I started college and that I mainly played Snake on. Also, texting without a full keyboard…I do not miss those days anymore! AHHH, I feel so old. haha


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