Hopeful Hearts

How did we not know?
How did we not see?
That two strangers walking through different paths,
under the moon-lit skies
would meet in the middle, staring at the same peculiar
and in that moment would be entranced by the chimes from that gentle breeze
and the twinkling lights from the stars
and their hearts becoming one
with just one stare and a gentle smile.
How did we not know?
How did we not see?
that their curiosity of each others mysteries would captivate their souls.

Oh the romance!
As they both walk away, they wonder who the other person is
they walk away with smile and hopeful hearts.
Oh the wonder to see such sights
to have witnessed, two people coming together
without them knowing that would even happen.
I walk away with a smile, with a hopeful heart,
rooting for the strangers.


5 thoughts on “Hopeful Hearts”

  1. You say you don’t often write poetry, so it was brave to share this, but it’s magical. It sent shivers down my body, and poetry rarely does that to me these days. You’ve got something great here.


  2. This indeed is very beautiful I particularly like your use of words in. WOw all you poet bloggers are going to make me dig the crates because you have touched on something that I wrote a while back that was similar. Hopefully I will find.

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