Bringing out your inner child.

Remember when you were five years old and you could be anything you wanted to be?
Well, you still can. I think as we get older, people, life experiences and our own mind decides that we have to set these limits and stresses about who we are and who we have to be. I think we have all had this problem, where we set these limits and then do not see ourselves getting out of it.
Some of us had to grow up a little faster and even though we enjoyed our childhood, there was always some form of worry. Is there going to be food tomorrow on the table? Is my ill parent going to survive? What would happen if my parents got a divorce? Are we going to have enough to pay the bills?
These are things children should not worry about but they do, then they grow up with those worries implanted in them.
So here are some tips as to how being an adult should still be fun!
(of course, there are some limits on what you can do without being too creepy!)

1. Laugh.
I know that sounds way too simple. I think that laughing is something adults forget to do because they’re constantly worrying about the future, bills, mortgages, debts, job hunting, you name it. I sometimes forget to do it. I find myself rubbing my shoulders because the weight of the world is just too much. So my advice is laugh. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh, make time to see a comedy show, watch a funny movie. Have you heard a little kid laugh? it’s amazing right? Well, you can laugh like that too!

2. Dance around the house.
Find your favourite tune and just dance. Remember when you would dance with your mom or dad randomly? Well, there is no shame in doing that as an adult. Not only will it provide some cardio, it will relieve some stress you had from work or school. Trust me, I have danced to shake it off, like 100 times since the song came out. I always feel so good and refreshed before going back to writing a paper or dealing with stress from my personal life. Let the energy flow from within. Just let it go and have fun. Crank those Backstreet Boy moves and enjoy.

3. Be creative.
The one thing we tend to forget as we get older is how to be fun and creative (Well, not all adults forget!). If you work in a creative environment, this still applies to you. Do some arts and crafts, paint, write a poem, etc. Get that creativity flowing, not only will there stress be gone but your brain will get much needed exercise. Remember that guitar, you got as a gift, pick it up and play. Sing a song. Do it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

4. Watch your favourite childhood movie.
Grab your favourite snacks, put on some pyjamas, wear your slippers, grab your favourite stuffed animal (I know you all secretly have one) and sit and watch your favourite movie. Make time to enjoy yourself. Sometimes all you need is a good flashback to the good old days where everything seemed easy and simple to remind you that its okay and that you still can make it easy and simple.

5. Build a Fort.
So you’re tired of working in the same space, you have writers block or just cannot seem to get any work done at your desk. Build a fort. Grab all your pillows and blankets. Just do it. Grab your work, grab a snack and do your work in the fort. No, it is not childish and no one will judge you.

So these are a few tips that I think are not too creepy and still allow you to just have fun. Make time to have fun. It doesn’t have to be doing childish things but you do not have to be serious all the time. Smile. Crack a joke with co-workers. Be silly with your group of friends. Let loose. You do not have to be primp and proper all the time. Wear funny coloured socks or cartoon underwear, wear a cape (well, you don’t have to but you can!), even the smallest thing makes you feel better. In a world where everything is about structure and organization, it seems impossible to have fun and we forget about taking care our inner child. We all have one. Our inner child is our fun side. It’s the side that is carefree, worry free side. So go out and have fun.

Do not worry about your grades and career that much. Do what makes you happy. I still have to learn to do this but it so nice to share what I try to do to help myself.



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