Hopeful Hearts

How did we not know?
How did we not see?
That two strangers walking through different paths,
under the moon-lit skies
would meet in the middle, staring at the same peculiar
and in that moment would be entranced by the chimes from that gentle breeze
and the twinkling lights from the stars
and their hearts becoming one
with just one stare and a gentle smile.
How did we not know?
How did we not see?
that their curiosity of each others mysteries would captivate their souls.

Oh the romance!
As they both walk away, they wonder who the other person is
they walk away with smile and hopeful hearts.
Oh the wonder to see such sights
to have witnessed, two people coming together
without them knowing that would even happen.
I walk away with a smile, with a hopeful heart,
rooting for the strangers.

Music: How it changes you

Okay, so you’ve probably read many articles and blogs about music and they’re all probably pretty repetitive. Even though that is the case, I still wanted to write about how music plays such a big influence in our lives. We can leave out all the politics and the economics out of this conversation, I want to focus on the music, the sounds, the words that influence our lives.

Music it plays you, it moves you, it soothes you or makes you feel things that you didn’t think were there. Music plays a major role in my family, my father is a musician/songwriter and so I grew up around instruments and music blaring every day. I unfortunately am not an instrument player and I wish I was, I can sing, so you’ll definitely catch me humming or sometimes even attempting to write a song.

Anyways, the point of this blog is to discuss how music makes us feel.

The first thing that music makes me feel is love. When I can’t put my feelings into words, there is someone out there who expresses it in such a beautiful way. Or it emphasis that love, when you see the person you love or you are crushing on, a certain song starts to play in your head. It doesn’t have to be only about being attracted to someone, songs about love can also apply to family and friends or just loving life in general.

Loss, there are songs about this, there are songs that talk about losing someone you care about, losing yourself, and just pure sadness. There are songs that make you cry, for no reason at all. I’ve sat in my room listening to “The Lonely” by Christina Perri and just broken down. No reason, the song just made me go deep within myself to think of all the times I felt lonely and wanted to empower myself.

There are silly songs, I spent my whole summer of 2013 listening to One Direction, after a bad break up. It was fun, it got me out of my funk. It may have not any deep lyrics but it made me happy. Plus Liam is a favourite;)

There are songs about empowerment, music from films that make you feel like you can accomplish anything.

Songs change you, music plays such a major part in our lives. It makes the world much more interesting. Some make you go and dance, others make you think, others make you happy or sad, others make you forget, while some make you live in the moment.

We all songs that we go to when we feel any emotion, I have favourites, I have ones I want to play at my wedding (if that ever happens), songs to play when I’m going through my panic attacks, I listen to music to fall asleep, it’s just so beautiful.

Music is my life & I love life because of it.