Over-worked, over-scheduled and lacking sleep

Do you ever find yourself working way too hard and not having enough time for yourself? Have you forgotten dates, important meetings, or just got them all jumbled and confused? Is your schedule so busy that your body just shuts down at the worst possible time?
if you’ve said yes to any of these…you need a break…like now!
I’m the worst when it comes to giving “take a break” advice. I barely practice what I preach when it comes down to this. I like to stay busy. I like volunteering, reading, going out, signing up for events, going to the gym, hanging with friends….you get the idea. Lately, though I’ve been a wreck, missing meetings, events, showing up on the wrong day to a meeting because well, I’ve over done it. I wanted to take every single opportunity out there and it’s been a train wreck because I didn’t prioritize. I just went at it like a speeding train. So now, here I am writing about it. I had to call off going in to volunteer because I have to study for a midterm but I am pretty much still in bed because my body decided that it doesn’t want to do anything.

So here’s my advice of the day. Don’t be like me. And if you are like me, well, let’s work on that together.

So here are a few steps that I am trying to get back on track:

1. Sleep–you’ll end up crashing if you don’t or sick! Try and get as much sleep as you can and take naps!
2. Drink water– the number one cause of headaches is forgetting or not drinking enough water! Keep hydrated!
3. Make lists–if you have to place sticky notes everywhere, to remind you of what needs to be done.
4. Calendars, planners, phones– keep them organized and neat. Sometimes planners are not efficient for your lifestyle, try and find one that works for you. If you always check your phone, then little voice reminders could help too!
5.Don’t sign up for everything without checking your schedule…oops!

I hope these help you, me and anyone else stuck in this situation.
Just remember take a break, have some tea, have a bath. Take a day off to relax and then pick it up again in a nicer, organized way!


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