#TBT : Change

So I couldn’t decide what to talk about this week for my weekly feature when it hit me. As I came across some old yearbook photos and student cards, why not write about high school changes.
So before I get started let me show you what I looked like through high school into my first two years of college.

So lets go down memory lane:

Grade 8 [Top Left card]: I was a tomboy. I usually only wore hoodies, sweats, and just oversized clothes. I was going through puberty and I definitely was not confident in how I looked. I was confident in other areas such as sports and academics.

Grade 9 [Top Right]: Alright, so this is that phase where you are trying to “fit” in. Let’s point it out…my eyebrows…gosh those things are barely there. You’d see me failing at putting make up on, wearing girly clothes but still in sweats and hoodies. I was a mess. At this point, I was going through severe anxiety because of personal problems and the usual high school bullying and drama. I got severely depressed which made me want to leave my school when I got the chance to.

Grade 10 [Upper Middle Left]: Okay, so I gained a lot of weight when I transferred but I had found a bit of my happiness back. I was starting to feel better and confident. I also learned not to take crap from anyone and definitely knew how to stand up for myself.

Grade 11 [My favourite year]: I loved Grade 11, I was super involved in everything school.I had lost a lot of that stress weight, I was happy. I also had a boyfriend. I rocked crazy earrings and my hair was always on point.

Grade 12 [long hair year]: The last year of high school, again I was super involved, I even ran for homecoming queen, I was not afraid of testing waters. I felt good about myself. I was happy. This year, there was a lot of drama in school, some girls picked on my sister and I stood up for her and I was called “snitch” by said girls for the rest of my high school days. I didn’t care because they had threatened my sister and I wouldn’t have any of that.

After that, I transferred to Douglas College, I continued my streak of trying to get involved but I lost some of that self-confidence because some people were saying I dressed up too much for school, so I let them get into my head. So I literally had gone back to my grade 8 days, just jeans, hoodies or gym wear.

I like looking back at what I have learned through the years. I am slowly progressing back to being who I want to be. I am a feminist/girly-girl/hockey-loving/book-worm/tea loving/I’m not afraid to get dirty type of girl. And I love that. This weekend really helped get out of my comfort zone again. I think we should always do one thing that really makes out learn and gain some experience. It’s crazy seeing yourself in old photos and looking back at how you used to be and who you are now.

So this is my #tbt for this week!


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