So what about love?

Okay, so it’s Valentine’s day. I’ve now been single for two years on this day. Yes. Relationships do end on Valentine’s day too! But that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here to talk about Love. You may ask yourselves why because I’m only 23 years old. I’ve barely been kissed, I don’t go on dates and I don’t really talk to any of the guys I’ve had a crush on. But let me tell you this, I do know about Love. It’s amazing. Love is so pure. Love is so magical. It’s a whole bunch of indescribable feelings. Love is so careless, so careful, so genuine, so selfless and sometimes maybe just a little bit selfish. Am I on the right track?

Okay, so I’ve been loved by my parents, by my siblings and my pets. Pure Love. The one where they love you no matter what and well, they never leave because that’s how much they love you. I love my family. It’s just us five. We have no one else because well, they have never expressed much love towards us. I’m not afraid to publicly say that. I know what love is because of my dad, mom, sister, brother and pets. They’re always there, even when things look bad between us all.
But aside from that unconditional love, there is one more important kind of love. The one you have for yourself.

This kind of love will get you anywhere. You’ll be able to accomplish dreams, goals, and anything else that can be accomplished. This love is amazing. This kind of love opens doors. You’ve heard the song from Frozen “love is an open door”, it really is. When you love yourself, you are capable of doing things you didn’t have in you or at least you thought you didn’t. You walk with confidence. Not arrogance or pride. You are humble. You are happy. You recover quicker. There’s not much I want to say because I’m still learning about love and life. I just love all the things I’m learning about it all. It gets a little hard but love makes it easier. I think I’m saying love too much. Oops!

Here are some rules on getting all the loving you deserve:
1. Love Family–Always.
2. Love yourself–Always, no matter what.
3. Love what you do.
4. Love what you are, who you are, what you’ll be.
5. Love every single day, even if it sucks.
Because Love will always follow love.


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