Blogging 201 Goals

So Blogging 101 came to its end and well, here we are again taking another amazing course. The first assignment this week is focused on setting goals for our blogs. I think it’s a great idea because sometimes you do lose focus of your goals and need something to remind you. So why not share my blogging goals with everyone.

Goal #1: Become a better writer.

I want to become a better writer not just for my audience to be engaged but also because I want to be able to express myself in a nicer and clearer way. I know that I sometimes lack proper grammar and punctuation. I want to be able to have those things come naturally.

Goal #2:  Be Engaging

This one is sort of like my first one. I want my audience to be engaged in what I write about. I want them to think back and be like “Wow, I remember something like that happened to me”. I want to have topics people can relate to. I may lack a bit of life experience but I still want to be able to spread a message across.

Goal #3: Change Lives

So again, tying it all up. I want my readers to love what I write about and have opinions about it. I want them to want to follow my blog and share theirs with me. I want all of us to be a nice blogging family. Helping one another, sharing our blogs with others, etc.

I’m really looking forward to blogging 201. I’m excited to meet more people and see some from 101. 😀


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