About Me

Born & raised in Metro Vancouver. I enjoy all things fashion, literature and most of all tea. I have this obsession with music and I’m always listening to music while writing or reading. I started this blog to have a place to work on my writing because I knew that when I graduated with my B.A in Criminology, I would find it weird to not have any papers to write.

Here you’ll find a bit of everything, because I like to talk (or in this case, type) about everything. It gives me a way to vent or express my feelings. Some days, you’ll read stuff about fashion, makeup, my personal experiences, rants, some of my poetry and my attempt to write stories. I’m definitely big on adventure but have been quite limited so this has been one of the biggest adventures for me. It has allowed me to be creative again and to have a little bit of me time.

I hope you like what I write, or it helps you in some way or at least makes you feel something.

If I could give you advice right off the bat, I’d say “Just Be You”.

Hi, It's Me!


6 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Hello, I have nominated you for the Liebster award, which is an award to celebrate newer blogs, or those with less than 200 followers. The details of the award can be found on my acceptance post https://helizabeth1952.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/liebster-award/#more-363. There are some rules you are expected to follow if you choose to accept the award. I find that these awards have really increased my blog traffic so if you are interested, please accept and pass it forward


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