Hometown Memories


For my hometown memory, I’d like to share this Instagram picture from 6 months ago. This embodies how I absolutely loved my summer. It was amazing to stand under the bridge, by the water while awaiting the Sea Taxi with my family. It was amazing to be so close to the water and to smell the salt water and just hang around Vancouver.

Thank you https://soulstoriesbycarol.wordpress.com/hometown-memories-photo-event/ for this amazing event!


2 thoughts on “Hometown Memories”

  1. Absolutely love the picture. The nostalgia of being back home, the memories the feeling the smell. You make me want to go make a memory when I go back home for a visit. Its weird there are places that well go to live, but home to me is always where I began not where I am at. Even though im paying the bills for a home, that home is just a residence but home sweet home is Oakland California, gotta get back.


  2. Thanks! It’s true, although I have only lived outside of my home for about a year when I was younger. I think it’s so nice going back to just one part of the city that brings so much joy and memories.


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